Usually, there are three main types of trade – short, medium and long term. In the industry, there are only two main types of cryptocurrency, short-term and long-term.

How can blockchain be used for payments?

The Blockchain system makes a way of payment faster, safer and available, in conclusion it is becoming more widespread technology of making deals between many companies.


How does Blockchain increase transparency?

Blockchain can be an effective solution to the problem of trust and verification. At its core, it is an independent register of digital events, which can only be changed by agreement of all participants.


Crypto mining. What is it?

Crypto-currencies have recently attracted a lot of crypto traders and crypto-investors – both experienced and quite beginners.


What are Stablecoins used for?

The principle of operation of stablecoins is almost the same as that of fiat currencies. They can be a means of exchange, calculation or storage of capital. Their value is tied to traditional assets in a ratio of 1: 1.


What You Need to Know about Stable Tokens

Cryptocurrency is unstable, which prevents it from being widely used as a medium of circulation. Stable coins seek to change this situation, becoming the first cryptocurrency with the stability of traditional money (this is achieved by tying the currency to something) and the decentralization of the cryptocurrency.


How can I transfer money online internationally?

Each of us may need to transfer money abroad. The topic becomes especially relevant during the holiday season: it’s easy not to calculate how much to take with you on holiday abroad, and it may happen that you have to ask relatives or friends to send you funds.