Oero gives you the joint benefits of open blockchain technology and traditional currency by converting your cash or volatility crypto into a stable digital currency equivalent.

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About Oero

By leveraging Blockchain technology, Oero allows you to store, send and receive digital tokens pegged to dollars, euros, and yen person-to-person, globally, instantly and securely, without hidden fees.

What is Oero?

Oero (token - OEUR) is a stable cryptocurrency, or stablecoin, designed to mirror the price of the euro. It’s fully backed by euros held in our reserve accounts. You can find more information here.

How does Oero work?

Oero exist on blockchains using ERC20 Protocol. These transport protocol consist of open source software that interface with blockchains to allow for the issuance and redemption of cryptocurrency tokens. Oero are 100% backed by FIAT Oero International reserves. Oero are redeemable and exchangeable pursuant to Oero International’s terms of service. The conversion rate is 1 OERO (token-OEUR) equals 1 fiat EUR.

The Oero Platform is fully reserved when the sum of all oero in circulation is less than or equal to the value of our reserves. Through our Transparency page, anyone can view both of these numbers on a daily basis.1

Where can I get Oero?

You can buy Oero directly on our platform in the "personal account"section. At the moment we have opened the possibility of buying and selling Oero for Fiat. In the near future, the main cryptocurrencies (btc, eth, xrp, btc, ltc, etc.) will be supported. Also you can get Oero through our partners or on exchanges. You can find a full list of exchanges here.

Who can use Oero?

Oero enables businesses – including exchanges, wallets, payment processors, financial services – to easily use fiat euros on blockchain. Some of businessesin the digital currencyecosystem have integrated oero. View industry supporters.

Individuals can also use oero-enabled platforms to transact with Oeros.

Where can I use Oero?

Yes. Oero’s platform is built to be transparent at all times.All OEURs are backed 100% by Oero International’s reserves. View more transparency information.

Can I exchange OEURs for euros?

Yes. At any time, you can always exchange your Oeros for Fiat euros. You can do this on our platform in the "personal account" as well as on each of the exchangers from this list.

Do I have to go through the KYC process?

Going through our know your customer (KYC) form and approval process is required to issue and redeem OEUR.

Is Oero/OEUR legal?

Yes, both Oero International as a company and OEUR as an asset are totally compliant under European law. The Oero International company has the following licenses: 1. virtual wallet service provider; 2. Services for the exchange of virtual values provider.

Where can I store my Oeros?

You can store your Oero tokens on any crypto-wallet you have, including cold Ledger, Trezor, Keepkey, CoolWallet, Bitlox hardware wallets. It is also possible to store OEUR tokens directly on our platform. In the near future we will add a mobile version of the wallet for the convenience of our users.

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