OERO is a cryptocurrency, which is tied to the one of the most stabile currency in the world euro, having all its advantages, clarity, invariability and effectiveness of the blockchain.

The value of OERO is equal to the value of the euro on the blockchain. It is supported by liquidity assurance system, made by our ecosystem collegues. Every token is backed by euros kept at the reserves.

Fiat Euro on the Blockchain


We give you the best level of stockpile clarity, because our clients need to be sure that their investments are totally provided with the allocated fiat 1: 1 means.

1 000 000 OERO (OEUR)
According to etherscan

1 000 000 OERO
According to etherscan

We update our statement on daily basis. Current working day for previous date.

Proof of Funds

We ensure you that the proven OERO contracts are plain and straight. We provide you with all propriate documentation. The delegated modifier is really reasonable. The test coverage is found to be appropriate and perfectly executed. Features like Mint and TransferFrom have been specifically tested, and we believe that both are safe.

OERO smart contracts