Crypto trading system what is it?

The number of existing cryptocurrencies and tokens has long exceeded a thousand. With each new ICO there is another token. Some of them are rather promising, others have long made a name for themselves, and others are created solely for the crypto trading training of quick enrichment.

About crypto trading terms

With the growth of popularity, the crypto-currency “wolves from Wall Street” forgot about their disregard for them. In early 2017, investors began to gradually join this market, and at the end of the year the trend became massive. We saw a real boom of crypto funds. So, Chris Russ, a former professional investment adviser and analyst at Credit Suisse, joined the team of blockchain enthusiasts to raise $ 10 million and set up the Amentun crypto fund. The prolonged correction of bitcoin also served as an excellent opportunity to catch the outgoing train for veterans of the stock market. Sina Nader, another professional with Wall Street who started his career at Swiss Bank, has already raised $ 50 million out of 100 to found Cryptolyx, the fund that will specialize in investing in other crypto funds.
Many investors are wondering – why do we need crypto trading account? After all, bitcoin itself has grown 20 times only in 2017, and altcoins have made it possible to make even greater profits. If you are an experienced trader with many years of experience, then you can completely manage your own funds. But beginners often commit a large number of errors and can easily lose everything. Choosing the wrong entry point, they can see how their coin goes to a steep peak, and the deposit melts before our eyes. Well, if the newcomer did not take his shoulders (a loan for marginal trade). All this is obvious to the professional, but the excitement and seeming ease of earning in the crypto-currency market often play a cruel joke with inexperienced investors. And this is where crypto funds can help.
In addition, each crypto fund, ideally, should promote the global spread of a certain crypto currency and technologies based on its crypto trading analysis. The list of its main tasks includes support of research of developers, introduction of new technologies and functionality, promotion of crypto currency in exchange markets, support of activity of miners, implementation of long-term marketing strategy, interaction with partners and investors to create new products, and cooperation with government agencies.
It of course, is just beginning its development, and crypto funds will play a significant role in it. Is it worth to give the capital to management professionals or try to trade yourself, and maybe even put money into a bank account, is a decision that everyone must take on their own.

How to Trade Bitcoin Cryptocurrency: crypto day trading tips

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, thanks to which the technology of blocking has been fully realized and mining has sprung up. Created electronic cash in the form of an information package, received the status of alternative funds and identified the “face” of other altcoins.
The network algorithm was launched with a block of genesis, which became the first in the continuous chain of blocking, on January 3, 2009, by an unknown programmer or team hidden under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. The first cryptocurrency was decentralized at block 78, when the mining was supported by Hal Finney, who installed the node number 2 of the network.
The creator (or team) collected the first users and earners by sending emails, placing the source code in free access on the official site of Later crypto trading setup was moved to GitHub.
The disclosure of the algorithm and wallets code on GitHub, as well as suggestions, discussion and voting for program changes – hardcore, became a template for digital currencies. The forum for the rest of the communication concerning the world of crypto currency was the site with crypto trading podcast, created on the initiative of the first Bitcoin developers and Finnish student Martti Malmi.

The main differences between Bitcoin and fiat currencies

The first cryptocurrency was widely spread, because it was fundamentally different from traditional currencies, namely:

          1.The economy, which was determined by the algorithm, and not by the monetary policy of the Central Bank;

          2.anonymity of transfers and possession;

, accessibility and relatively low cost of transfers;

          4.the ability to raise money with the help of mining.

          The history of Exchange trades Bitcoin

          Exchange trades Bitcoin started on October 5, 2009, the participants of the first auction pushed off the cost of spent electricity to determine the value of Bitcoins. The official rate of the first exchange New Liberty Standard was as follows: 1 USD = 1309.03 BTC. Active trading did not work, after the first “test” exchanges, the next deal had to wait about a year.
          The statistics of the quotations of the main pair BTC/USD is collected by the Coinmarketcap site from July 2013, at that time the share of Bitcoin’s dominance of the crypto currency was 94.6%.

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