Identify the type of trade, some crypto trading advice

Usually, there are three main types of trade – short, medium and long term. In the industry, there are only two main types of cryptocurrency, short-term and long-term. Medium-term traders are difficult to distinguish here. What does short term work imply? Read here crypto trading alerts.

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This is the trade in crypto-currencies at a small time distance in order to obtain a quick profit. Taking into account the high volatility, according to some crypto-currencies for a month you can earn more than a number of ordinary assets for the year crypto trading volume by country. As for investments, usually, they are made long-term. A trader can buy this or that coin and keep it for 6 months, a year or longer. The ultimate goal of such investments is to get profit from the difference in quotations, but only on a larger scale. go to the content.

Search for the stock exchange, registration, depositing funds to the trading account In order to start dealing with crypto trading, you need to find a suitable site. In the industry, at the time of writing, a large number of exchanges have been opened. Therefore, many traders, especially beginners, are quite easily confused in this diversity. What should I look for? First of all, how popular the playground is. The more it is promoted, the higher the chances that the company is really reliable and was not created to collect money from crypto trading newsletter. However, it is important to take into account one nuance – the more popular the company, the less interesting conditions it will probably offer traders. This may be due to higher commissions for the transaction and so on. Such companies no longer need special offers for customers, as they are known and new users constantly come to them. When the exchange is found, it is necessary to complete the registration procedure. Most often, it involves filling a simple form. Some sites today require additional verification. This procedure provides documents identifying the identity and place of registration.

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After the user has become a client of the exchange, you can start trading. There are several options – to start immediately, relying on intuition and advice from analysts, or to receive training in technical analysis, learn more about the psychology of trading and then, fully prepared to take the first steps on the site. The first option is good in its own way, as it allows you to practice trading almost immediately. However, there are risks of losing capital. The fact is that it is difficult to predict market fluctuations. And if there is no relevant knowledge, then you can do it at random with a minimum chance of success. You can closely follow the advice of analysts, but they are sometimes mistaken. In addition, in order to understand such recommendations, it is necessary, after all, to have at least a basic knowledge, so training crypto trading is necessary.


In trading in any markets, psychology is very important. In full, this applies to the crypto currency. The fact is that in the process of work, a trader can capture a variety of emotions. The ability to control them is the key to success. Very often, novice traders make mistakes that lead to significant losses of capital. For example, after a successful transaction, they open one more, increase the size of the transaction, do not analyze the market before entering. As a result, a combination of factors leads to the fact that the transaction closes at a loss. The same concerns unprofitable transactions. After them, the trader may be afraid to enter the market and in the end will not be able to open positions, lose profit. Emotion has a big impact on any investor. Before a trader becomes a professional, he must learn to control himself, minimize the impact on trade of such aspects as greed and fear.

A few tips for beginner cryptotrader with crypto trading market

Many investors and crypto traders, who have not yet started their careers and are in the crypto-currency market, admit one serious mistake – they buy only bitcoins and don’t use crypto trading robot. To some extent this is correct, since bitcoin is the most famous asset and its growth has been quite significant lately. On the other hand, any professional trader and investor knows that the most important aspect of success is diversification. Accordingly, it is desirable to buy not only bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies. In this case, the fall of one of them can be compensated by the growth of the other. Another recommendation for beginner crypto traders is to find opportunities for arbitrage. This is one of the simplest strategies, which, at least, does not require any knowledge and does not require the study of crypto trading. The essence of this technique is that the trader is looking for a difference in prices for the same asset on two or more exchanges. When he finds such a difference, he takes advantage of the moment and profits from it. Let us give an example. Suppose a trader works with bitcoin, whose exchange rate on A is 10,000USD. At the exchange B for the same asset is 10 500USD. In this case, you need to buy BTC on Exchange A, and then sell the same asset on Exchange B. Dirty profit will be 500USD. Net trader will receive less, since the stock exchange in any case has commissions. In addition, certain amounts are lost on payments when replenishing the account and withdrawing funds. In any case, this strategy is interesting and today it is used by many traders. For beginners and not only they can recommend – never invest in transactions more than they can afford. First, it will significantly increase the psychological burden. Especially if money was borrowed from relatives or acquaintances, or on credit with a bank. Secondly, debts and credit will have to be returned in case of failure. Most often, this permanently, if not forever, discourages people from engaging in crypto trading and investing. Therefore, initially, it is better to risk insignificant amounts that a trader can afford to lose. Finally, it is important to remember the risks. The fact is that crypto-currencies are very volatile. Daily fluctuations can reach 20-40%. Here, as wide opportunities open up, so are huge risks. It is important first of all to understand all the dangers. In this case, the trader will be able to minimize risks through his actions.

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